What is The Gray Area?

Formerly Better Batteries, now The Gray Area. The purpose of The Gray Area is to navigate the complexity and multi-dimensional issues the world faces like the energy transition or the economy. The reality is that every decision has its tradeoffs and here you will find an honest discussion and what I feel others are missing.

Let’s dig into the weeds, challenge narratives, drop the BS, and discover what’s really going on and how we can best prepare for the future in this challenging macro environment.

With expertise in the Li-ion battery industry, much of my focus leans in that direction. I talk about the materials, technology, and policies surrounding the area. I also extensively research geopolitics, economics, ESG, energy markets, policies, electric vehicles, and more!


  1. Crude Awakening Pt. 1, 2, and 3 - 1973 oil crisis its implications today

  2. Marshmallow Size Elephant In The Room - How your personality affects your beliefs on the climate.

  3. Shooting For The Moon, Not Landing With The Stars... - Plug-in hybrids > Electric vehicles

  4. Doctor Copper - where are all the copper mines?

  5. Ultimate Battery Guide - Li-ion batteries 101

  6. Not Your Average Dollar - petrodollar system holding on by a string

  7. Diamond In The Rough pt. 1-2 - Graphite production is a major issue for electric vehicles


If you want to reach me or have feedback, message me on socials, email, or leave a comment on my articles.

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My writing is for educational/entertainment purposes and should not be taken as official investment advice or other advice. My views are entirely my own and do not represent my employer in any capacity.

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Energy, economics, and climate. True problems and solutions are often found in the murky gray areas where most people don’t want to go.


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